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 The goal of self-help for panic attack is relax yourself and relieve you of the physical stress brought by this illness.The Manifestation Power  Clearing your mind is the key to calming down and relaxing. Stop thinking about the things that worry you no matter how grave and urgent they may be, especially if there is really nothing you can do about it. Find an outlet of your feelings to make space for happy thoughts in your mind. Talking to someone is one way of releasing your worries and it helps ease your burden.

 Try to think of only the happy memories that you have. Cheer yourself up by remembering funny moments in your life. It will not be easy, especially when the reason for you panic attack is really heartbreaking, but it is the least you can do to help yourself win the battle against anxiety attack. Focus on making yourself feel happy and free from worries. It will be a big help if there is another person with you to cheer you up. Aside from becoming your outlet, that other person will also make you feel that you are not alone, which is another factor that contributes to panic or anxiety attacks.  

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