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Your ex loves you. And you love your Language Of Lust ex. You had a couple of fights over a couple of trivial things like the TV remote and the getting the wrong order when taking out. You've split for the most irrational reasons and they know it, and you know it! Why don't they want to take you back then? Your Ex Loves To Be Right In a large percentage of relationships, there's always someone who *loves* to hear the words, 'I was wrong. You were right!' It's like music to their ears, they just love the thought that through a passionate and heated argument that they came out the victor! The same applies to the whole 'ex' situation. If you really don't think you've actually broken up, then you need to turn the tables so it doesn't turn into a 'you were right' situation but you actually scare them into thinking you're going to leave for real! Why? They love to be in control. 

These partners love seeing you beg and approve them for your love. If you see this is a cute or funny quality in them, then surely there's actually nothing wrong with your relationship. So what do you have to do? You have to ask them out on a date, without actually calling it a date. Call it a 'catch up' or whatever you please. The aim of this exercise is to entice them to do something with you for a short while without a romantic subtext. What do you do here? You trick them into becoming a couple again. Have a lot of fun, and then just when they want more, walk away and say you have to go. This will leave them absolutely shocked. They'll suddenly want you to come back for more, and before you know it, you've turned the tables on them. 

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