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When we are willing and ready to do or engage into any legitimate thing, job, trade, etc., we must surely survive or live. God is always ready to bless and proper such, especially if there is faith in Him by those involved. But if any person will want to preserve his/her pride, shame, ego, personality or dignity while desiring or dreaming to Food For Freedom Review survive or make it in life, let the one know that "The talk of the lips will only tend to penury" (Proverbs 14:23 ). One wonders the type of pride, ego or dignity a hungry, needy and poor person seeks to preserve that should not make him engage himself into a gainful business to live. Diligence - Diligence is another thing that is very relevant to or necessary for our survival in this battle of life. It means no other thing than to "Do it with your might". Diligence is "steady effort or careful hard work". 

It is not enough to be willing and ready to do anything legitimate to live or survive; one must be diligent in that. If people must patronize our goods or services, we must make such goods and services to be to their taste, attractive and satisfactory. We must see that such goods or services are ready when and where the people (customers) need them. And also we must be available in the place of work of business when the people need us. Most businessmen and women work towards killing their own businesses or work by not being diligent. When this happens, you see them pointing accusing fingers, blaming the devil, witches and wizards, their "uncles", etc., for the failure. They begin to run after 'prayer people' or market deliverers to stage a magic for their return back to business. But prayer without diligently working to succeed is equal to failure. We must know that there is time for everything. We must not sacrifice the time for a particular thing for another.

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