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The pulse oximeter became very popular recently in the past ten years or so. Before that it was a medical device more likely found in a clinical setting such as your doctor's office. Now it is just as common to find a pulse oximeter at home just like a blood pressure monitor or a blood glucose meter.Get together with everyone in your family or place of business and sit down to discuss how to develop your escape plan.You should walk through the building you are developing the plan for and locate all the possible exits and escape routes that are available.Next you need to draw up a floor plan of the building in question, and always make sure that you have notated at least two ways out of each room. 

Every structure should have at least The Lost Ways Review  one smoke detector on every story and those detectors should be regularly tested to make sure they are in working order.Make sure your escape plan is easily understood by everyone involved. Also make sure everyone knows where the escape routes are and that the exit doors and windows can be opened easily and are not being blocked by anything.Choose a place to meet after exiting the building that is nearby but also far enough way from the burning structure so that no one is in harm's way. Always make sure that the location of the meeting place is highlighted on your escape plan and that everyone is aware of exactly where it is. When you get to the meeting place always do a roll call to make sure everyone has made it out of the building safely.

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