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When you are over forty years  Smoothie Rojo Delicioso Desintoxica old, you will notice that you have many changes in your body. Normally, the changes come gradually. There are physical changes and mental changes. Most of them are not so favorable if you compare with what you used to have when you are younger. But we have no help but to accept it. This article will give you some tips on how to be healthy and fit when you are over 40 years old. I, myself, faced a few changes which I don't like. For example, although my daily activities do not change much, I get fat easier. I get bigger stomach and I do not like that. This happens despite the fact that I didn't change my diet at all. Besides, I need to urinate more at night. I have to wake up at least once to go to wash room. This is annoying but it is a fact. I see that my cholesterol and triglyceride level is higher it used to be. Although it is still in an acceptable range, this is not a good sign. Then I know that I need to do something if I want to live longer. I then do some research and found out some information on how the body changes when you are older and how you can maintain it the way you want. The information which I get from the book called fit over 40 has many details which I am not going to dig into them now.

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