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Forex Libra Code

Some of the fraudulent online platforms that you should be careful to avoid, particularly if you are a new or inexperienced trader are fraudulent brokers, bookmakers and bucket shops. Fraudulent broker practices may include offering outrageous bid/ask spreads and requiring unreasonable commissions. They may promise profits and never deliver them or claim to be trading your money when, in reality, they have used the money for personal interests. They may also provide you with phony accounting statements that indicate profits they never made or they may attempt to lure you with phony stories of successful business relationships using fake customer names. The onus is on you to invest time and resources in locating a reputable broker. Bookmakers are platforms established to bet on currencies. While this type of betting is perfectly legitimate in some states, it is not to be confused with Forex trading systems. In many cases, bucket shops are fraudulent platforms designed to cheat you out of money. Though they will claim to engage Forex trading, they have no connection to Forex. Their fraudulent schemes usually involve convincing you to invest in currency futures and options rather than the spot trading market that is Forex. Since the methods of futures and options trading provide for a broker to contractually engage in transactions over a period time, this scheme allows the frauds to collect more of your investment dollars for a longer period of time. The spot Forex market, on the other hand, is designed to provide simplicity and allow investors to enter and exit the market at will. There is no contractual obligation or lengthy time constraints.

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