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Dimagrire in 3 Settimane

The third major reason embarking on this diet is a bad idea is because orange juice alone is not sufficient to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs. The body needs many different types of minerals and vitamins, and while orange juice is a rich source of vitamin C, it nonetheless cannot supply all the minerals needed for one's growth. The body needs nutrients to repair itself, in order for it to form at its best. If you're interested in performing at your best in any given area or field, subsisting entirely on citrus fruits will not enable you to do so. Despite all the above reasons why this diet is not a good idea, it's another one of the juice diets that continue to be popular with the general public. 

Part of the reason for this is the lack of general scientific information, and also another part is people's general desire for easy solutions to difficult problems. It seems to be a part of our nature that rather than go the difficult route we try the easier one, even though it is much less likely that it will pay off. This is not to say that the most difficult route is always the best one, but in the case of weight-loss, there are indeed no shortcuts.Paleolithic diet plan or simply Paleo diet plan which is generally referred to is actually getting quite popular and it's also regarded as one of many most healthy diet plan out there.

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