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Quick Cash Method Review Seriously, you have a very attractive and marketable product in your WorldVentures biz. You have an experienced leadership team that brings credibility to the table despite a few alleged black marks floating around on the internet. And more importantly, you have a product that can easily be marketed using the internet with great results. That said, there is one flaw in WorldVentures that may give the inexperienced and veteran network marketer some pause for concern. But let's start by outlining the good first. In an industry maligned by the sticky negative stigma of pyramid schemes and less-then-ethical practices, it's nice to be able to talk about the good guys. And believe me, the vast majority of MLM companies are legit. It's just that a small handful of bad apples always tend to ruin the party for the rest of us. Fortunately, if you're researching WorldVentures, you can breath a sigh of relief. This is a truly marvelous opportunity assuming it's a right fit for you. WorldVentures is a lifestyle business opportunity. Essentially, you purchase vacation packages at a significant discount and get paid to refer other people to the company. They have two different ways to get involved. A Dream Trips option basically grants you access to the "Costco" of travel packages.

And trust me, you won't find better pricing. The Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) package essentially let's you book travel for others using the Rovia travel search engine. It's kinda like having your own internet travel agency. Both packages are $199 respectively, with a $24.99 maintenance fee per month. Personally, the idea of traveling to exotic destinations and making a living while I'm at it sounds pretty darn good. For most people, the low start-up investment will be recuperated in your first trip. And as I mentioned earlier, who wouldn't want to travel and save big bucks, even if they don't pursue the business aspect of WorldVentures. When you look it from that perspective, you really shouldn't have a problem moving memberships. But sadly, 97% of people that get into this business or any MLM home based business will struggle to make money.   

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