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 Anti-wrinkle creams may not completely cut wrinkles and fine lines, but they definitely do their part. On the plus side, creams are easier to use than any other method. Simply open up the jar and then rub a small amount into the skin. Most of these products also contain vital nutrients to help nourish the skin and keep it healthy.On the downside, most of these creams take a couple of months to make a significant difference. They also affect everyone differently. For example, one person may see astounding results in just three weeks. Another person may only get mediocre results. For those that want to give it a shot, it may be well worth the time and money.Botox treatmentsBotox treatments, just like anti-wrinkle creams, come with both pros and cons. This method of treating wrinkles involves the injection of a chemical, whose name has been shortened to Botox, into the areas that have wrinkles. On the plus side, Botox treatments give almost immediate results. Individuals can enjoy firmer skin and less wrinkles almost instantly.On the downside, there can be side effects. This works by paralyzing certain patches of nerves, which can result in people not being able to smile as wide as they could before and in other facial movements being slightly limited.Specific patients are encouraged to speak with a professional during a consultation to make sure that this method of preventing wrinkles is safe for them. It is for most people, but it is always better to be safe instead of sorry

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