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Wake Up Lean

Promotes healing - The jelly has minerals and vitamins including zinc, acetyl-choline, Vitamins B3, B2, B1, B6 and B5. They are all good for the skin and the acids contained in the jelly enhance the production of collagen thus leading to a glowing healthy skin. It shortens healing through skin renewal by nucleic acid, flavonoids, hormones and enzymes that it contains. The use of fresh royal jelly powder or supplements daily will optimize skin health. Improves blood pressure and blood sugar - This is another one of the benefits. It decreases blood vessel constriction and this leads to lower systolic blood pressure and also reduces the insulin triglyceride levels. It can therefore be used as a functional food in the prevention of insulin resistance and blood pressure. Protects the liver - The liver is exposed to lots of toxins from different things, including water taps and different kinds of drugs. This is one of the most important organs considering that everything that is ingested must pass through it for filtration. There is therefore a need to keep the liver healthy and clean. Royal jelly offers protective effects by flushing out the toxins.

Strengthening your hand and gaining back your range of motion are some of the most important parts of the rehabilitation process after you have had surgery. There are some easily performed drills that you can do, either on your own or with a therapist, in order to make your hand stronger and to increase flexibility. By following a regimen on a daily basis, the flexibility of your fingers and hands will greatly improve. The most important thing to keep in mind is to learn the exercises from you physical therapist when you do them for the first time and consult your hand surgeon to be sure that they are appropriate for you and the procedure you've had. Some exercises you may be introduced to or may decide to use are as follows. These are only a few of a wide range of movements available, and each one depends upon the procedure you've had done.

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