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Do you require prescription medicines? Do your eyes require glasses to see? What if you lost or broke them? Maybe... a second pair for your kit? How far can you walk without shoes? What if you or a companion broke an arm or received a serious laceration? Do you have a first-aid kit and is it adequate for treating serious injuries? Is there more than one of you? Do your companions have first aid or survival supplies of their own or do they need to rely on you? Think through all the steps involved in surviving through various scenarios. What about food, shelter or firewood. How do you or how will you make a fire to cook on or keep warm at night? What will you sleep on? By imagining various possible situations, you will know what you need in each separate case. You will then know what your survival kit needs to contain. Survival Hardware Two basic requirements needed to survive are the ability to cut things and the skills and tools to make a fire. In other words, you will need a good, sturdy knife, some waterproof matches, a lighter and even a fire-starter steel/flint kit. Your personal kit should contain these items plus a good first-aid kit (should also contain: suture set & antibiotic cream). The personal kit is sometimes referred to as a bug-out bag. The internet has many available free lists of suggested items for this purpose. A Google of "bug-out bag" will result in thousands of search results. 

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