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Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease in which there is an unusually high amount of sugar and fat in the blood. Diabetes Reducer Review  Unchecked diabetes can cause kidney disease, atherosclerosis poor blood circulation and host of other health issues. You can even die from complications due to diabetes. Almost eight million people in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes. 

It is predicted that there are probably about another five million that have the disease and do not know it. Diabetes occurs when there is a malfunction in the body that does not produce enough insulin or the systems that need to use the insulin fail to do so properly. Insulin is the hormone needed to breakdown glucose or carbohydrate sugar. Sometimes diabetes is caused by both of these reasons. While technically there are several forms of diabetes, our focus is around two types. The first type is called just that, Type I Diabetes. This is when the body doesn't make enough insulin to function normally.

 In some cases the body doesn't make any insulin. This type of the disease has no preventive measures, no known cure and there's really no way of knowing who will get it. The medical community believes it may be hereditary since a large majority of people with the illness have a family history of the disease. Type I onset is rapid and usually happens in children or young adults under the age of thirty. Only a small portion of the diabetes population in the United States has this type of illness. 

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