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If you're reading this article, then the chances are pretty good that you have probably heard about red light therapy and may be wondering, one, what in the world is it, and two, what are the benefits 5InchHeightGain and how will they impact you? Red light therapy is growing exponentially in popularity around the world. It's now found in skin care clinics, dermatologist offices, plastic surgeon offices, spas, resorts, physician offices, homes, and even tanning salons. But why the huge buzz and why is this seemingly unpretentious technology taking off like wild fire? Quite simply, it's a non-invasive, pain-free, and drug-free alternative that offers tremendous benefits for the skin, over all well-being, as well as the body. NASA, during plant growth experiments, found that red and infrared 

 LEDs (light emitting diodes) were not only extremely beneficial to plants but also significantly accelerated the healing of injuries that afflicted astronauts in outer space. Since those discoveries, countless studies have been performed using specific wavelengths revealing a vast number of positive results and benefits. The problem is that there are two different types of carbohydrates. There are "complex" carbs, and there are "simple" carbs. Complex carbs are considered healthier than simple carbs, as they're often found in foods such as whole meal bread, pasta, rice, potatoes root vegetables etc. Simple carbohydrates are found in processed junk foods, fizzy drinks, desserts etc. They are far, far unhealthier and for that reason here's a look at four of the worst sources imaginable. Bagels - Bagels are made from processed white flour and often contain other artificial ingredients, flavourings, and preservatives, making them stodgy and hard to digest. Not only that, but they're also very high in calories as well, with an average sized bagel containing around 300 calories and containing over 50 grams of carbohydrates. When you also consider the fact that bagels are often topped with other foods rich in calories such as creamed cheese etc, you have yourself a very calorific snack indeed.

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