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Even today doctors have not been able to establish the real cause of Restless Legs Syndrome, and believe it to be genetic disorder. This could be due to the fact that those who suffer from RLS, half of the family members also suffer. Some of the factors which are attributed to this condition are-Chronic diseases like iron deficiency, Parkinson's disease, Kidney disorders, diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Some women also suffer from the RLS during pregnancy, but they become normal once the pregnancy is over. Some of the medications given by the doctors include anti nausea medicines, antipsychotic medicines and also sometimes antidepressants. Doctors also advise not to take medicines which are used during common cold and also anti allergic as these medicines worsen the symptoms. Some other factors like heavy consumptions of alcoholic drinks, lack of sleep also trigger the symptoms. In such case remaining away from alcohol and sleeping well has proved quite helpful.There are no set medical tests for the diagnosis of Restless Legs Syndrome, but doctors may go for pathological check of blood samples to rule out other diseases. The diagnosis is normally arrived during the question answer session with the patient. These questions include family history, medication used other medical conditions and the sleep pattern of the person.Doctors and specialists in the prevention of diseases recommend increasing physical activity as a means of improving health. As in the past 50 years there has been a steady growth of technological progress, the problems of health protection has increased significantly  

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