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So, how do you make a great impression on a Russian woman? Is there anything specific you need to know? Discover simple tips for dating Russian girls and you may score some extra points with your favorite. Appearances matter. All girls pay attention to the way you look but Russian females are even more particular about a man's exterior. Fashion and beauty are the two drivers, which girls from Russia cannot escape due to their cultural heritage. How tidy, clean, and trendy you present yourself is more important than your actual physical attributes. Of course, being good looking doesn't hurt but it's not compulsory. Neatness and style, on the other hand, are essential to score a date. If you are dating online, you need a photo where you are nicely dressed (formal or smart casual style), with a neat hairstyle and friendly smile. If you met somewhere through daily activities, dress up. Ask a stylish female friend for help, if necessary. Compliment her. Again, not only Russian women enjoy compliments but these ladies crave a kind praise. Some pickup gurus advise negative remarks as the means to attract attention of a beautiful female; it certainly won't work with women from Russia. Positive and personal comments bring you success.

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