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Having two sons, though, I knew they need not be destined for such a fate, and after more than two years of intense counseling, there finally came a moment when the high stone wall of disillusionment began to weaken, giving way to the remotest possibility of genuine relationship, when a flicker of hope began to warm my wounded, distrusting heart. But reentering the dating world is not an easy thing after coming out of a relationship based on the lowest common denominators. I was admittedly terrified at the possibility of making another life-altering mistake that would affect not only me but my children. I didn't ever want to play the fool once again or spend even one more night crying myself to sleep. I presumed, as many of us 40-ish folks do, that all the good ones are taken. I also realized that the odds were slim that any God-fearing man in his right mind would spend more than ten minutes in the presence of a shell-shocked, forty-something woman with four equally emotionally damaged children. 

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