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Email marketing is the WP eCom Engine most popular concept for online businesses, since online businesses began booming a few decades ago. Email marketing has become the primary means of communication and outreach, for large and small businesses alike. Consumers rely heavily on the internet which requires that business meet their customers in the middle. There is no better place than the internet to meet your business needs. Developing an e-mail list with permission is an effective marketing strategy, as the email list contains contact details of prospective customers to increase your business sales. Email marketing allows business owners an incredibly successful return on investment. Studies have indicated that direct emailing brings a higher return than traditional marketing techniques such as traditional mail, telemarketing and other similar strategies. In this volatile economy, business owners may be having difficulty keeping their heads above the water. Many companies find that their marketing strategies are slowly being curtailed. Email marketing is a cheap strategy, and one which requires no unnecessary expenses such as postage and printing charges.

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