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The Language of Desire Review What does it take for a woman to truly know what the man in her life really wants while in a relationship or what type of woman will make him happy. Wouldn't it be nice if all men came with a owners manual that a woman could easily read to better understand his ways. For so many years women have been seeking to get answers on who he is and what makes him tick or even what turns him on. Let's take a look at some facts that will be able to shed some light on the nature of most men that you may not have known. Men are not afraid of being in a committed relationship as many might think, especially if he is head over heels about the woman in his life. Most men desire marriage if it doesn't come with pressure from his future mate and also men have a greater desire to commit to a woman who will allow him to lead. Even though he may not have all the answers or solve every problem he feels more in place if acknowledged as the CEO of that relationship. Another thing that men adore about woman, he is mostly attracted to someone who really understands his way of communicating. For example; There's nothing better to a man than a woman who likes to talk about Monday night football or the big Sunday game.

This is not all men want to talk about but it helps to not only get his attention but to keep it. Also the way men and woman engage in verbal disagreements are quite different, you may often hear the words "I don't want to talk about this right now" more so from the men than the women, this is because men try to avoid the emotional side of conflicts and usually desire a different method of venting. Article Source: 

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