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We all know how things get started concerning information, and that certainly Eat Stop Eat applies to health and fitness facts and myths. Myths are born when we hear something about a good tip even if we don't have the whole story and we go and tell the next person. Maybe they even didn't hear it right. But they innocently tell something they know, and another myth is born, again. There is a very high likelihood that you will accept what you hear if the person you are hearing it from is in a position that makes them more likely to know for sure or one of power even. If you are getting information that isn't entirely correct it can be dangerous. Keep reading for more on fitness and health facts and myths. Treadmill workouts and your knees is one fitness myth that has been going around for a long time. Some believe that running on a treadmill is easier on your knees than running on a hard surface outdoors. This is indeed not a true statement. Your knees suffer the full force of your weight when you are jogging or running. The surface you choose to run on has no impact on the safety of the exercise.

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