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When you are a leader, be it of a school's student community or factory union, NGO or even a group of people who are advocating a specific cause, you should be able to carry the responsibility with ease on your shoulders. The expectations can often weigh you down. Being a leader is not Vibrational Manifestation something that you can get trained in or be expected to follow a set pattern but you are expected to meet the expectations of your group or organization and be able to set the path to achieve the expected goals. 

As a leader you should be able to carry everyone with you and set the rules of the game. What makes a good leader? What are the qualities required of a leader? Well a leader first of all should have leadership qualities which include ability to set the vision and objectives, lead the team on the action plan, maintain the direction towards reaching the goal, identify roadblocks and remove the hurdles. 

He should be logical and equipped with reason and critical analytical ability to be able to take informed decisions keeping in view all the factors. Most importantly he should be able to persevere and make progress without losing his confidence even in times of crises. Though we expect the leaders to be most perfect, one cannot expect them to be right in their decisions all the time. 


With the amount of pressure they have to face from all quarters all the time and the amount of thing that they attend to at any point of time, it is not humanly possible to be right at all times. It is when one makes the mistake that the leader's capability to steer clear, over come the liabilities and still move forward with clarity towards the goal comes to the forefront. He needs to review the direction all the time and make course correction when required to lead the team towards the goal.


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