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Eczema Vanished 

In working with people with ADHD we discuss these matters regularly. I encourage them to find jobs that correspond to their peak performance hours. This is often the 300pm - 1100pm or 400pm - Midnight shift. This allows them to get off work and have a few hours to wind down before going to bed. They can then sleep in and are up and ready to make work on time. Others seem to do better working the overnight shift although this too can be problematic for those who seem to be wide awake at 300am and start fading around 400am.We may get up and watch television, or read a book hoping that will help us to become tired. This may work on some occasions and not so well on other occasions. It is usually impossible for us to identify why this works one day and not the other.As a result we find ourselves tired during the day and maybe even having to take a nap in an attempt to make up for missed sleep. This can then lead to compounding our sleep problems that evening.

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