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A bond of trust may be formed between workers and management when the acts of management convince workers that they can confide in their supervisors and can count on them to act or respond in a predictable way. For example, managers are trusted when they promptly follow up on safety meeting issues. In such an environment of trust, employees will freely bring up safety issues at safety meetings because they know they will be acted upon. Alternatively, lack of action Nerve Renew leads to lack of trust and many very quiet meetings. Trust is also diminished when it is violated, such as when an agreement between supervisor and worker is broken. Once this trust is broken, it requires many positive acts by management to regain it. Employees must feel that they have a "stake" in the program. 

Employees are more accepting of a program they helped develop than they are of one that has simply been handed down to them. For example, it is difficult to imagine anything more boring or wasteful than a group of workers sitting around a table in a safety meeting, listening to their supervisor read out safe work procedures developed by either them or the Safety Advisor. Half of the employees present will likely have their mind elsewhere. What really gets employees' attention is having them participate in safety procedure exercises or emergency drills, then soliciting their input. Employee participation brings about improved procedures that employees are more committed to following because they have participated in their development.

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