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So then if you are diabetic or have an interest in prevention, you may want to know what you or a person at risk can do to protect his vision. Well first things first-take a comprehensive dilated eye exam at least once a year. Don't think because your vision is 20/20 now,Defeating Diabetes Kit Review  you don't need it. Remember that proliferative Retinopathy can occur without any outward symptoms and it is best treated in its first stage when there are no overt symptoms or manifestation of impaired vision. As a matter of fact, studies show that risk of blindness due to proliferative Retinopathy can be reduced by 95% where timely intervention and appropriate care is applied. This comprehensive test will include the Visual Acuity test- an eye chart test, to measure vision accuracy at various distances; the Dilated eye exam.

where drops are placed in your eyes to dilate or widen the pupils, thereby enabling the examiner to see more of the inside of the eyes to check for signs of damage; Tonometry, where an instrument is used to measure the pressure inside the eyes; Slit-lamp Bio microscopy Retinal Screening programs- a system that uses slit lamp bio microscopy in the detection of diabetic retinopathy.Early signs of the disease which can be spotted during this examination are; leaking blood vessels, retinal swelling (macular oedema); damaged nerve tissue, pale fatty deposits on the retina, this being a sign of leaking blood vessels and any changes to the blood vessels. These early interventions will enable your doctor determine the best course of action to take to arrest the disease

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