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Rather than going through all that, you could easily keep your digestive system clean by fasting once per week.When the human body is given the wrong foods on a regular basis it tends to build up matter on the walls of it's colon and lower bowels. Joint Pain Relief Codes If this matter is allowed to remain - it ferments. This fermentation causes smells to emanate either from the skin or the mouth. This matter is responsible for something even worse than fermentation, it is the main cause of any blockage in the bowels. This blockage can, at it's worst case, cause illness and eventually death.

Throughout the years, this matter forms layers which are virtually glued to the walls of your digestive tract, the longer they are left alone, the higher up they can venture. Usually starting within your colon and traveling up your lower bowels. The real danger here. There is a protective valve that is responsible for only allowing substances to pass down from your digestive tract into your elimination tract. When this matter eventually reaches this valve, it will hinder it's performance, allowing this poisonous, fermenting matter up into your digestive system. Which will process it like it were a food and unfortunately assimilate it into pieces so small that they will enter your blood stream an! d cause some type of toxic poisoning.

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