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Pure Natural Healing

Imagine that you're on the 40th week of pregnancy, you are way past your due date, and you still haven't felt even the least bit of cramping. All the usual signs are there: movement inside the uterus, breast size has grown exponentially, your vaginal muscles feeling heaviness. All but one important sign, labor. All pregnant women are supposed to go through this most painful yet very crucial time in their pregnancy in order to give birth to their child. But who says it has to be as painful as hell. The good thing is there's a natural alternative method to induce labor without having to go through normal medical labor induction, and also avoid having to through a caesarean section operation in order to give birth. That natural method is called labor acupressure which will be explained further on in this article.

Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman's body and spirit. By the time they reach their due date, some pregnant women are looking for ways of inducing labor naturally. Many methods and medicines can be used to induce labor in women who are at or past their due dates. Acupressure for labor is esteemed method that does not come with any side effects or risks.

Acupressure is derived from an older healing technique called acupuncture. They both target specific points in the body which are believed, when properly manipulated, causes a different healing effects to the body. While they serve the same function, they differ in method. Acupuncture uses needles to stick on those points while acupressure, as the name implies, uses pressure.

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