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 • Urinary tract infections. Because the kidneys and the tubes leading from them to the bladder are located closer to our backs than to our fronts, infections in the urinary tract are often felt as sharp pain located below the ribcage between the spine and the side of the back on either (or both) side(s). 

The best way to treat this is with a course of antibiotics.Even though, back pain is not only caused by postural distortions or muscle imbalances, addressing the muscles that influence the back pain could alleviate the pain dramatically. In this article, two movements that you want to avoid; two conditioning that you should incorporate; and two muscle lengthening that definitely improve your back are introduced. Most people who have low back problem perhaps already know this. The first movement that you absolutely want to avoid is bending your upper body forward. Especially it is dangerous to do it with trunk flexion and both feet parallel. 

Trunk flexion means when your low back is rounded.Bending over in standing position creates enormous amount of pressure in your lumber spine, and the pressure increases in the area when you have both feet parallel. Most people do this movement to pick up something. That means all the weight of the thing that you pick up transfer to your lumber spine as you pick up.

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