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The Index markets, like the Zero Loss Formula Review currency markets do not have the burden of certificates and SEC regulations as compared to the Stocks market. However, the Indexes are composed of valuations of many Stocks therefore, a major change in any one stock affects the value of the Index. Indexes tend to have longer trend lines, but can reverse themselves sharply after an economic announcement or world economic event. Examples of well known Indexes include: the Dow Jones, Hang Seng, NASDAQ, S&P 500, Bombay 30, IBEX 35, IPC, and the SSE 180. Index Binary Options are best traded after major company announcements for companies that make up that particular index. The Stock markets are based on stock certificates issued by companies. Well know examples are IBM, GOOGLE, Yahoo, and Microsoft. While they are affected somewhat by economic indicators due to panic selling or buying by investors they are more influenced by a company's financial and productivity news. Stock Binary Options are best traded immediately after major news and earnings reports involving that particular company.

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