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Indeed one of the best advantages of the internet is to use it to create money. However, when it comes to Steem Cash this process, you should never overdo it. What a lot of people do is to sell their products without even thinking about the people they meet. You should rather be first involved in the process of giving value to the people. Why not develop a relationship with them and thereafter think of inviting them for a conference or an event. You can then give them the opportunity to purchase any of your products. A lot of people rather will give out messages and Urls that only lead one to a product. Article marketing is generally accepted to be the cheapest form of online advertising around, and although undoubtedly slower in producing results than other methods, if done properly can be extremely effective. Many readers will find a website via an article because of the link inserted by the author; how many of them click that link often depends on whether the article is well-written enough to entice them to do so.

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