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Life does not hit a snag, and a lot of time never see it coming and we discover ourselves in the wilderness of the desert just like Israel to cross the Red Sea in historic times. All of this in no time and amenities, courtesies and to ensure that the guarantees and the collapse of one of the best living easy. When they do, and determine the uncertainty is reflected in the different features depending on one's Aive After Amerika personal power. Many people suddenly or gradually realize that they are not where they are supposed to be or what is intended to be. Some health issues and financial setbacks and all challenges to suffer very common relationship. In the world we live in today, and we rely on savings and investment, insurance, friends or relations and work to secure our future. 

The story of a man named Position in Hebrew book found in the Christian Bible paint a different picture in this regard. This great man had everything, anything and family friends included after released something. It was completely deserted and function. Hit the desert of his life. It was crush? Every man, every woman who does not get the point once or several times in his life. There are many examples in life, even in the present day to such registered in the historical archives. Is it possible to survive such times? It has survived from people such adversity? You can pull through such a trial? Instead exceptional man called Jesus, who is God and man suffered 40 days in the desert.


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