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There are some 'article marketers' who boast of writing and uploading ten or more Four Corners Alliance Group  articles a day to ezine and article sites. That's quite an achievement as long as the work produced is of a decent quality. However, considering the process a written piece should go through to be brought up to a decent standard before publishing, the rewriting, the editing and finally, proofreading, it's almost certain that any quality will be noticeably absent. Churning out badly-written rubbish is easy; anyone can do it. Producing well-written and informative articles is another matter entirely. An article marketer's most potent weapon is words; words that should persuade readers to visit whatever website the articles are written for. Why then, do so many effectively blunt and therefore neutralise that weapon's potential by producing inferior work? Article writing is not about spending a few hours a day hammering away on the keyboard. It's not about quickly throwing in facts and figures and then racing to get the article uploaded; it's about giving readers something that they will enjoy and learn from. It's about writing something that makes them think and ask questions, and in a marketing article, hopefully persuade them to make contact. More importantly, it's about taking the time to do it right.

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