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Sulfa drugs were made by the Germans from coal tar. The Germans worked hand-in-glove with large US drug companies like Pfizer (founded by German Americans). Certainly the development of a liquid sulfa drug would be a hot seller. The Germans, unquestionably the top scientists in the world at that time, knew well the chemistry of diethylene glycol - not so for a little country chemist from Tennessee. Yes, I have no proof. But which drug companies would have a vested interest in getting all the little drug company/pharmacy competitors off the emerging drug-making market? They needed regulation and they got it. Now remember, back in 1937 the Germans were busy building up their NAZI war machine. American oil companies were busy trying to figure out German coal tar patents and were unable to do so. The blending of financial interests between American financial and industrial institutions with NAZI Germany is well documented elsewhere. Germany is a country with few natural resources and plenty of what was considered useless coal tar. One of the primary uses of coal tar became the production of color dyes (the original patent was stolen by the Germans from a British scientist whose government failed to understand the economic value). 

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