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Right now, USDJPY currency Gold Binary Robot Review pair is hot. This currency pair is in a downtrend. Now, you know that this pair is in a downtrend. Suppose the price of the USDJPY pair is 85.86. You think that this pair will be down to 85.78 in the next hour. You make your bet. Suppose, at the end of the hour the price does reach this level and suppose it is at 85.77, you make a cool 75% return on your investment. In case, the price does not break below 85.78, you only lose the price that you had paid to purchase the binary option contract. In the same way,you can trade the DOW, S&P 500, Russell, NASDAQ, CAC, DAX or FTSE with these BOs. The gold market is hot right now. Gold prices are breaking historical barriers. Recently, gold prices had again breached the $1,200 barrier. You can trade gold futures with Barrier Options that can give a return as high as 300%. You can take position with a Put BO or a Call BO as the case maybe. Whatever, trading currencies, stocks, indexes or commodities with BOs can be highly profitable. Suppose, you trade four different currency pairs with these BOs and your bet on all the four pair comes true, you make a cool 300% return in just a matter of one hour.

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