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Great care should be taken with the mascot head. If the mascot head sees multiple wearers, is suggested that the head be thoroughly cleaned between each one. When the time comes for a thorough cleaning of the mascot head submerging it into a tub and using a mild Acca Gold Review detergent to scrub into the head should do the trick. Cleaning the head can be time consuming so it is suggested to use a 50/50 mixture of water and vodka to help kill bacteria and eliminate damaging odors as often as possible. As with the rest of the costume hang the head to dry and ensure it is thoroughly dry before storage or use.While cleaning the mascot is important there are several factors to consider avoiding to ensure the team's mascot costume life is as long as possible. Such as never spraying commercial use odor eliminating products onto the costume.

This could potentially damage the materials and cause them to break down over time, greatly reducing the life of your team's mascot costume. Mascots should also never see the inside of a dry cleaner's. While this may be the first place most people turn to for care for their hard to clean items, the chemicals used by a dry cleaner are harmful to a mascot costume and could potentially cause damage to it. The best bet is to hand wash the costume and use the previously stated techniques.Caring properly for a mascot costume can increase the longevity and quality of the costume. A team's mascot costume is as important to any team as their players so keeping it in tip top shape should be a priority. Taking great care with that bear or eagle costume will ensure it will delight fans for a very long time.

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