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Aspire Digital Altitude For example do an Internet search for plastic injection molding manufacturing trade associations. Most of the time you find a trade group that most of the manufacturers belong too. If that doesn't work you can also search for trade shows for your type of manufacturing. These are typically run by the trade association, where you will find a member directory. If those tactics don't work, you can also check at larger libraries in your area who might have the Book of Associations to find the right group for your product. Step 3. Shortcut - Rather than contacting companies and evaluate whether or not they could make your product, I've found it useful to contact instead companies that make the equipment needed to make your product. 

For example, if your product requires injection molding equipment, contact manufacturers of injection molding equipment and ask the salesperson there to recommend people in your area that have the right type of equipment. You can also tell the person that you are looking for companies that would produce small run. The salespeople selling the equipment you need a manufacturer to own often give you the best list of manufactures to contact.

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