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When you push for what you want above what he wants, you will come across as selfish and immature, even when you are not. This may come from your expectations or from a false sense of entitlement. When you make demands that he doesn't want to meet, you are actually putting your needs above his. He will think twice before committing to a relationship where he thinks you will put yourself before him and especially if you limit his options or his freedom. There are better ways to get your needs met. 

 On the other hand, if you listen to what he is saying with his words and actions - or lack of them - you can watch to see what kind of person he is. When appropriate, you can show him that you care enough to meet his needs and wishes, even above your own at times. In every communication where there is potential for conflict, it is always better to let him know that you always consider his feelings and wishes as much as your own and that you are not trying to force him into anything he does not feel able to give. He will then be able to relax with you, trust that you will not limit his freedom and start to feel safe to open up to you.

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