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The person might deceive you into thinking that they are loyal to you by disclosing to you your adversary's secret. This way the person is trusted by both you and your adversary while they are working for neither but themselves. So, you can well imagine the perils of trusting anyone with your secret. A secret can be a secret thought, a secret wish, a secret letter, a secret meeting, a secret happening, a secret affair, a secret action, and any other kind of secret. This world is full of secrets and some of us believe that we've been born here to unearth the secrets of the Earth. Almost each of us has a secret that we'd like to keep firmly locked within ourselves. But it is hard to keep even your own secrets. Often, human beings feel the excruciating need to unburden their minds as a result of being weighed down by secrets, to share their secrets with a close friend. But herein lies the problem. 

Who is to occupy the place of a close friend? Research has showed that mothers are the best secret-keepers. Mothers have a natural love and compassion for their children that prompts them to keep their kids' secrets absolutely safe. But apart from mothers, it seems that there's no one else you can trust with your secrets. Friends almost always let the cat out of the bag to have a good laugh behind your back. I

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