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If you enjoy your current fitness routine, your goal should be to stick with it as much as possible. There is no sense switching to completely new forms of exercise if you have found something you like. Ice 9 Technology Assume you like to jog. This is usually done outdoors, so people often give it up for a few months each year when the weather gets cold. In spring when things start to warm up, they are left rebuilding their endurance and getting used to a running routine again. Instead of letting the winter pass you by, make adjustments to your routine. 

 First, determine if there is a way you can make running outdoors comfortable. There are plenty of options when it comes to insular clothing. Technology has made it possible to spend long periods of time in sub-zero temperatures. Since most people are battling temps in the slightly below freezing range, these clothes are likely going to keep you warm and comfortable. Shop fitness stores for the latest in cold weather running gear. Even if you are still not interested in running during the dead of winter, these clothes can get you outside in most climates. You might only have to sacrifice a few days here and there.

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