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If you are looking to Earn The Saffa Method Money At Home with an online business you would do well to remember this simple fact: 95% of your efforts should be geared towards driving traffic to your product! The second way to obtain a tee time on the course is to enter the daily ballot. The daily ballot allocates nearly half of the available tee times for the course. You need to enter your name, Earn At Home Club and handicap details either by phone on +44 1334 46666 or by visiting the clubhouse. You must enter your details before 14:00 the day before you want to play. To be entered into the ballot your group at a minimum must have two golfers and meet the minimum handicap requirements. The results of the draw are posted on the St Andrews Links website by 16:00 and at the Starters office for the Old Course. It is worth noting that the Old Course is closed on Sundays so the ballot on the Saturday is for play on the Monday.

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