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According to the Google ComScore, product launch calendar  it is estimated that roughly 60 percent of all small businesses don't have a website. This also means they probably don't have an online presence either. Without an online presence, these businesses are leaving money on the table since more searches are done in Google for local businesses than in the Yellow Pages. If you want your business found, you have no choice but to develop an online presence. These internet marketing strategies will help you get started: 

 All your marketing efforts must have a marketing objective. Without one, your marketing may take your business in a direction you don't want to go. Do you want to increase the number of customers buying from your business? Are you looking to increase your reputation? What about increasing your word of mouth marketing from your customers? These, and others, are legitimate questions to ask if you plan to implement any type of internet marketing strategy. Have clear goals and also have a way to measure those goals.

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