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A second fundamental that is often forgotten is learning how to control stress. A certain amount of stress is a necessary and important part of life. But, too much stress can wreak havoc to your system and cause unnecessary damage to your health and fitness. To help control stress take a step back from any stressful event that comes up in your life, breathe deeply, and ask yourself whether it is Ciatica SOS something you can control or not. If you can control the matter, set a course of action and take care of it. If it is something you can control but that won't occur until later in time don't sit and worry about it - take comfort in knowing you have a plan of action to take care of it and then move on until you have to deal with it. Ask yourself if worrying about it is really going to help make things better. Is the matter something that will affect you 5 years down the line? If not, then move on. Or, talk about it with a friend and then move on. Just do your best and let the chips fall where they may - trust your judgment and know that even if things don't always work out exactly as you envisioned if you can learn from the situation then you are always a step ahead. And, if you can not control the matter let it go and don't worry about it. Life is too short to worry about things you can not control. But, remember this - learning to control stress takes practice and effort because when you are in the moment of stress it is just too easy to brush it to the side and lose yourself to the stress. Don't do this - take a stand! The sooner you begin practicing this the easier it will become and the more of your life will be affected by less stress. And, when you can learn to control stress you'll reduce the incidences of minor aches and pains in your body, keep your metabolic rate up to burn more fat every hour, and enjoy life a heck of a lot more. And, isn't that the key?

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