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Why? Because muscle has a high metabolism and will burn fat at the same time.The first thing is to be familiar with how your body works to build muscle mass. To do this, you need to use challenging weights, not just light ones with many reps. It is not enough simply to know that your body is amazing and capable. This is true; the human body has an amazing capability for coping with challenges and responding to stress. Alpha Levo Iq But if you want to build muscle fast in the best way possible, you need to know that your weights must be high enough to allow only a moderate number of reps.How do you do this? It's with rest and good nutrition. As an example, you have probably noticed that subsequent to exertion such as prolonged walking, a vigorous workout at the gym, or other such activities your muscles ache the following day. This is a universal experience everyone has endured at some point in their lives. When you allow speedy recovery, your muscles will build in size and thus gain mass and not just strength. But don't be too afraid of a little soreness. Why is this so? It's because when you first did the new exercise your muscles were strained and some of the muscle fiber was torn in the process, resulting in the pain afterwards.

From that point onwards the body took over. Having felt stressed and threatened and it began to repair the damaged muscle, making the muscle stronger through the repair process, and preparing it to be capable to tolerate that level of stress that was induced by the activity that caused the pain.So there you go.This then, explains why, when you go back to the same exercise later on, it seems easier, and you don't experience the soreness. This is the cycle in which the body adapts and builds muscle. An understanding of this concept will be very valuable to you in your search for the best bodybuilding program. You can also gain muscle by taking creatine supplement for bodybuilding, but the foundation of increasing muscle is always the bodybuilding workout. So go ahead and start your road to fitness today, and get a great body to show for it too.

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