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 The email list is another fundamental structure of any internet marketing system. The mailing list is indispensable and should not be overlooked. The mailing list is a bulky database of contacts, prospects and leads who have given you their consent about receiving email or other forms of contact from you. In other words, the list is a collection of the contact details of people subscribed to your ezine or newsletter. Maintaining separate databases for each line of product or service is a good way of adding to the effectiveness of your list as an internet marketing tool.zines and newsletters should not be ignored as they can prove to be very helpful in your internet marketing strategies. Keeping in touch with both past and current customers will give them the impression that you care and will help them feel more at ease at transacting with you. An ongoing and strong relationship with your customers is vital to your growth and expansion.A list of affiliates will also add greatly to the effectiveness of your arsenal of internet marketing tools.

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