Wewa Merlin
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If you don't need a piece of software, then don't use it, you know don't buy the license. But really you need to understand that you have an obligation to the developer of that software, the manufacturer to pay the licensing fee, you're using their intellectual property. Let's be blunt here, just so that everybody understands it. 

You are stealing, when you use unlicensed software, it's theft, you know, we look at unlicensed software and people use it and think oh, you know, "it didn't cost anything therefore why should I pay for it" or "I'm only using it once in a while" but it really comes down to if you use this software even once and it benefits your organization, why not pay for it? 

 If you can't afford it, then don't use it or hire someone who has a licensed copy, pay them what you need to and have the work done what you need to do. It's not worth putting your business at risk, that's right, you have got to understand there's a risk to operating with unlicensed software. 

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