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This made me start thinking about faith. Just like this phone, we can say we have it, but unless it's activated it won't do us any good. Before my husband could put this phone into use, he had to become familiar with the directions. Just as it is for a Christian. Before we can put our faith into action, we must become familiar with God's directions. Since God doesn't use ED Reverser Review a Trac phone to call us, we must attain our faith by reading His Words and hearing His Words spoken through His anointed. The more we put it into action, the more confident we will be to rely upon it. This is where we have a choice. We can either choose to hear and believe the good news and live or we can choose to ignore it and die. 

Paul wrote about this offer to heed the good news. The news is good because the one who receives it will have eternal life. This news is not just a gracious offer, but a commandment to believe it and repent of sins. This good news is to believe that Christ died in our place."So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." Romans 10:17 Hearing and believing the Word of the Lord is essential before faith can be activated. What will happen if you hear this and don't believe it? Well, to know this truth is to know the joy of the Lord in your life. This is where your strength to endure all the pressures of life come from. You will know that this world can not condemn you.

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