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 Abdominal fat cells can emit hormones that go directly into internal organs like the liver. Fat, for instance, accumulated The Flat Belly Fix next to the liver can drain into the liver causing a fatty liver. A fatty liver is a risk consideration for insulin resistance and diabetes. Belly fat can inflame any of the internal organs and cause their deterioration.Fat cells in different parts of your body drain into the blood stream. While this isn't particularly good, it does less harm than the belly fat cells draining into vital organs.

 So, what is the magnitude of your belly fat problem? The ratio of your waist to hip circumference dimensions is a reliable indicator of your general health and your risk for dangers such as heart attack. For women, the perimeter of your waist divided by that around your hips should be about 0.7 for good health. Because men have narrower hips, a ratio of around 0.9 would tend toward good health. If your ratios are significantly larger than these, you ought to seriously consider a weight reducing program.It is important to identify the warning signs of diabetes as early as possible, if only for better controlling and tracking the condition. 

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