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In order to get rid of the look of cellulite you must get rid of the fat that is causing it. Remember in the realm of normal people twenty to twenty-five percent body fat is normal for a woman, while fifteen to twenty percent is normal for a male. Most of America exceeds the upper limits of their respective group creating a forum for a whole lot of cheesy looking fat.Dieting can be deceiving; we've seen women who appear skinny up top yet are hauling around quite a load down below and Joint Pain Relief Codes scream cellulite when they can't diet it off. Even though their collar bone is sticking out and their arms are skinny, their body fat measurements are still quite high.The bottom line is that dieting down is tough work indeed and you MUST have follow a proven system to get this fat off - otherwise you'll end up more frustrated than anything else. It's a lot easier to give up and blame a disorder than it is to religiously pass the bulk food section at the market and actually do 30 minutes of aerobics every day. 

If the diet and activity level of an average American were analyzed it would be very clear why cellulite is so common.The plain truth is this...Body fat must be reduced in a very specific fashion. One that attacks every aspect of that fat - not just diet, not just exercise, not just a combination of diet and exercise. If you really want to melt fat from your body, you need to first properly cleanse your system for 3 - 7 days, then you need to modify your eating habits to include loads of fresh raw vegetables and several sources of lean protein, you need to drink between 1/2 - 1 gallon of water each day --- yes, this all seems like a lot - we understand that - but here's the result --- if you do this, plus you throw away all those junky supplements.

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