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A small business by the Small Business Association definition is a business concern that is independently owned and operated, organized for profit, and is not dominant in its field. Depending on the industry, the size and sales can vary upwards to 1500 employees and as much as $21 million dollars in annual sales.Blackout USA The small business enterprise is under attack due to socio-economic trends directly connected to the evolution of the Internet. We have quickly evolved into an "on demand" society. Our lives are now filled with downloads and mobile applications for products like iPads and iPhones. This has unintentionally triggered a change in not only how we do business, but also in how we find new business by affecting our advertisement delivery methods. 

The days of traditional "push" marketing opportunities, that is, placing advertisements in front of potential customers and hoping they will remember your product when in its time to buy, are dying. Newspapers and magazines (print advertisement) are on life support, rapidly being replaced by online versions. Broadcast venues, a longtime staple for commercials are in critical condition. Network television is under attack by the growth of premium cable channels and radio listening is being replaced by products like Pandora, iTunes and SirrusXM. Companies that are slow to adjust their delivery methods are seeing their brands approach extinction (Blockbusters, Borders etc.). A business cannot find customers in a place where the customer is absent or leaving, it is as pointless to put a billboard in the desert.

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