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This issue has been an ongoing struggle for the last few years but it will really come into play within the tattoo community as two new reality television show come out this summer. Yes, you heard right both The Learning Channel (TLC) and the Arts and Entertainment (A and E) stations on cable television will be releasing new reality television shows about the world, art, and life style of tattoos. The Laserless Tattoo Removal Miami Ink. This show chronicle five tattoo artists that will be setting up a new tattoo shop in Miami. They will be living together, working together and promoting their tattoo shop together.A and E will also be debuting a new reality T.V. show called Inked. This show features a shop that recently opened up inside of a Casino in Las Vegas. It will be about the shop, the tattoo artists in the shop and also the customers who come to get tattooed. 

There are even some celebrities that will be coming in to get tattooed and that are rumored to be featured on the site. Well, there are tons of opinions out there and already a lot of murmuring is starting in tattoo related chat rooms, bulleting boards, and websites. What is the finally answer? I know you wish I would just come out straight and say it or at least tell you my opinion on the subject. Honestly I think it is important for you to make up your own mind and think about the struggle. My hunch or inclination is that tattoos and this whole struggle is probably a lot more gray then many people would like to make it. I mean there has to be some middle ground between the two. Obviously the art of tattooing could use the business and it would be nice in some ways to see a greater level of respect for the wonderful talents of tattoo artists. For they and their art have always been looked down upon when compared to more traditional arts. However too much commercialization and spoon feeding to the public nice little digestible bits, and tattoo factoids also doesn't do justice to the art but instead commercializes it.

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