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Is Camel’s Milk Paleo?A reader recently asked if camel’s milk was different from cow’s milk and could be considered a good Paleo alternative. He cited claims that camel’s milk is gluten free, casein…Read MoreThe Paleo Diet and EndometriosisWe’ve already read about how replacing the conventional corn-fed meat in our diet with grass fed meat has health benefits in terms of reducing our bad cholesterol levels. We’ve…Read MoreCan A Depleted-Glycogen “Sleep Low” Strategy Improve Your Performance?

For athletes, especially endurance athletes, the nutrition dogma has always been to consume significant amounts of carbohydrates post-exercise in order to maximize recovery and promote the best training adaptations. It’s…Read MoreIs Watercress the New Kale? I’ve loved it for a long time and have been a staunch promoter of it, and in large doses, no less. And while I continue to…Read MoreMore Than a Diet – My Paleo QuestHeart disease isn’t something most kids think about. When I was growing up, however, it was always on my radar. My family and I spent countless hours at Akron General,…Read More 

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