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To lose belly fats and develop abs, you need to engage in full body workouts that will strengthen the body all at the same time. This is a reliable key to faster and better results; you will lose body and in turn stomach fats by doing a combination of high intensity full body and multi joints exercises. These can involve martial arts, kickboxing, yoga and various forms of snatches, swings, presses, sprinting and squats. 

These exercises will tone your body and get you set for the next trainings. You can move on to ab workouts and begin working your midsection once you have tone and strengthen your body. At this stage you will see faster and better results. Ab workouts include crunches, sit-ups, bicycles, leg raises etc. These are specifically targeted at your stomach but you will only see results from all your efforts so far if you adhere seriously to the next point. 

 All of the body and ab workouts will amount to nothing if you don't do something about your diet and eating habits. If you can't control your diet, you may never see the results you want. Nutrition plays a really big part, eating sweeties should be something that you should be able to stay away from; junk food is the next in the line. Avoid excessive dairy products, processed foods and sugars. Stick with natural unprocessed foods rich in protein, do lots of vegetables, greens and whole grains. Get your diet right and you are close to your dream of sexy six pack abs.

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